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To start the week on positive note I would like to express the gratitude i have for our clients , athletes and friends we have at our humble crossfit boxes in Blackrock and now the City Center. We would like to thank you for believing in our methods and the courage and determination you all have to better your selves as people and athletes by showing up and doing you best on a daily bases at everything we challenge you with .Also if you have recommended us to a family member , friend or any one at all that came on the back of you telling them of a good/great experience you have had from CFD then a big THANK YOU also.We hope we have made your life better and opened a place/business where only positive things can happen from the daily workouts and time you spend with the people here at CFD.I really get a sense of gratitude and achievement from what we have built here and i am looking forward like all the other coach’s  to where the next years ahead take us on this journey.

Have a great week


Workout of the day:
A1 German volume Back squat
10×10 @50%(increase client by 5kg if completed 10 ou tof 10 last week)
7×7 for advanced 75%1rm @40×1
B1 12-15 ghd raise@10×0 rest 20 secs
B2 20 kb swings REST 2.30mins
C Partner med ball toss 30 each

(will be testing 1rm back sqaut next week)

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
– Thomas Edison

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