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Brother sister act, Marcus and Natasha on wall climbs

Run in the dark?

Please click the link below and register your interest with me at , id liked to get a group together so w can do the run and support a great cause .

Workout of the day:

Prepping for the test of tests “Fran”

5 Minutes of “Thruster Ball” in Teams of 4
Thruster with Med Ball – Pass to person on team / Instant drop to Burpee once ball passed

5 Minutes of Shoulder / Hip Mobility – Per Coach

Technique & Development: Review & Demo Standards for Thruster & Pull Ups

“Fran” – Team Training (Groups of 4 / Like in Strength)

Part 1: Playing With Thrusters (10 Minute Time Limit)

Each team starts with 1 Empty Bar. Each member takes a turn completing one rep of a Thruster. Then add 5kg to bar. Repeat the cycle of reps (1 each person). Continue adding 5kg per round. If someone drops out / Fails, then keep going until final person fails. Score is highest load lifted.

Part 2: Playing With Pull Ups (10 Minute Time Limit)

Each team takes turn performing unbroken pull ups in ladder sequence. First person does 1 rep. Second does 2. Third does 3. Continue in rotation until people drop out. Continue until last person fails at unbroken set. Score is highest set of unbroken pull ups.

Part 3: Team Fran with Running (20 Minute Time Limit)


21-15-9 – Thrusters & Pull Ups / + 400 M Runs

Teams of 3,only working 1 person at a time, complete as many entire sets of “FRAN” (in order) as possible in 15 Minutes. The catch is, there must always be ONE PERSON running a 400 M during this workout. Final score is TOTAL 400 M RUNS + TOTAL SETS OF “FRAN” completed. Rx is 45/30kg.

Negatives of Aerobic Training
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