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Take the time to read the text of the poster, it’s well worth it.

“Crossfit competition “

There is a lot of talk around CFD at the moment around competition and crossfit.Watching the guys and girls who are taking part in the london throwdown give everything they had and the great display of mental strength to score the best time they could on the day led me to talk about the knowledge i have around what it takes to compete at the sport

In this first article, I’m going to review 10 training variables that you can tweak to improve your performance in the sport of fitness. These tweaks will work for any athlete at any level of fitness.

Remember, whether or not you feel ready, the 2012 Crossfit Games Open is a great time to see where you’re at and get your feet “wet” in competition.We will also be pushing a team forward this year from our members at CFD .Details will follow soon when they are released from CROSSFIT.COM

Members, look for the full article in your inboxes Thursday , If you dont receive please let me know and i will update you onto our list


Workout of the day:
A Hang squat clean truster  3 3 3 3  rest 3 mins
B Frontsquat 3 3 3 3  @30×1 rest 3mins
10 min time cap
Complete 10 rounds of cindy
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

then with the time remaining A.M.A.P Clean+Jerk of 60/40kg

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” 
– Helen Keller

How Exercise Benefits the Brain
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