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Vitamin D’s actions are best understood in its role in calcium metabolism. Without it a person is not able to absorb the calcium in his or her diet or maintain the proper balance of calcium and phosphorus to build and maintain bones. Lack of vitamin D can also cause over stimulation of the parathyroid gland and muscle aches and weakness.
Vitamin D is also metabolized and has activity in many other tissues. Its functions appear very important to a number of basic immune system processes. These are areas of active research. Definitive claims or conclusions about these processes are premature.

Workout of the day

3 sets of
Power clean
Rest 3mins
(10 secs between doubles)
Against a 4-minute running clock, with 4-minutes rest between sets, complete four sets of the following for max reps of pull-ups:
Row 500 Meters
Burpees x 20 reps
Pull-Ups x Max Reps

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”
– Eric Butterworth

Fit Versus Fat: What Matters More for Longevity?
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