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Notices and upcoming events:

Athlete/Coach – every member of CFD will be assigned a coach from monday onwards.This wil allow you to have some where you can go to voice questions concerns , opinions and source information about anything related to your health and well being.Also available will be personal program design and skill work around a area or skill you are particularly weak.You can discuss the rate and time for the session with your coach if you want to arrange this.

30 day plaeo challenge– yes it’s time agin to take a look at what we are doing in relation to our food profile.Take this opportunity to challenge and educate your self with in a group support around the fuel you need to live a long and healthy life.We will be calling the challenge “look good feel good”.I will follow up with the details on mondays post.

Workout of the day:
5 sets for reps and time
Amrap  H.S.P.U  or Press 6-8reps
Row  300m
30 double unders
rest 4mins

Why Cardio Alone Doesn’t Cut Fat
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