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Chad hanging around CFDC

More 201 classes added to CFDC, details on whiteboard and will go live from Mon13th

This Saturday we will be holding a workout of i have been wanting CFD members to do for a long time.You will need to book in with us so we can give you a time to come in a try it .Its a true test of fitness and metal strength to hold a certain pace so you can finish with in the time limit .Here is the workout

10 rounds for time
500 m row
15 burpees

Time limit for men will be 35 mins and the ladys will be 40.The best time I know of for men is 27.40.If you are interested mail me at so i can book you a time. There will be regular saturday class times with its own WOD going on.

We highly recommend you try this WOD

Workout of the day:
A – Back squat 3-4 advanced 30X1 or 6-8 beginners 40X2
Rst 3 mins

B – CTB pulls up (speed focused) -10 10 10
Rst 3mins


Three rounds for time of:
10 Hang squat snatch 50/30kg
15 Pull-Ups (jumping pull ups if tech is not there yet)
35 doubles

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