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Hip Mobility

Mobility for Performance – workshop

Mobility for Performance is a series of one-day workshop’s for athletes, interested in enhancing their own athletic potential by improving their functional mobility.The first one we run will be on Saturday at 9.30 and will be  free. Albert Keogh our chartered physiotherapist  and level1 crossfit coach plus Davy and myself will be taking the  workshop .

This workshop will focus on identifying your functional restrictions in the squat and lower body, their causes, and practical remedies for their resolution.

This workshop will teach participants their faults and fixes in the Squat and how to prepare better for their workouts, improve performance during exercise and recover faster from their training.

Workshop Goals:

  • Identify your movement restrictions in the squat
  • Learn how to address your movement restrictions in order to improve performance
  • Effective stretching/mobility approaches
  • Self myofascial release, and foam rolling techniques

If you experience difficulties in squat , then this workshop is essential for you. There are 15 places for this workshop and 10 have already be given to athletes really wanting and needing to better there squat.If you are interested in this or feel you need to some one with expertise to look at and fix your squat , then email . It will be  a first come first served base so be fast.


50 H.S.P.U not for time

Met Con:
Row 500 m A.F.A.P

Rest 3 min

A.M.R.A.P in 10 mins
6 pistols
8 Toe to Bar
10 push ups

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