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The Paleo Challenge starts in 4 days!  We will be holding a kick-off workout that will be re-tested at the completion of the Challenge.  The female and male with the biggest improvement on their time will win the cash prize.

The workout will be held at the thses class times Friday 25th 6.30am 12.30 6.30pm , Saturday 26th at 11.30am , Monday 28th at 6.30am 12.30pm 5.30pm and  7.30pm .  Please be sure to bring your €20 buy-in if you’re interested in participating in the Paleo Challenge. If you want to participate in the Challenge, you need  to do the workout before March 1st and record your time.Please email the day and time you plan on completing the workout if you are taking part in the challenge.

The Paleo Challenge WOD:

3 Rounds for Time:
500M Row
12 Shoulder-to-Overhead @ 50% bodyweight
21 Box Jumps (24″20″)

This workout is inspired by the workout “Christine“.  We wanted to chose a workout with a barbell movement, a bodyweight exercise, and a metabolic component that everyone could do without scaling.  Enjoy!

Deadlift and Run

Met Con:

Run 1 mile for time

rest 10 minutes then

5 Rounds for time of:
5 Dead Lifts 125kg/80kg
10 Ring/Bar Dips

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