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As all you Paleo-Challengers know, today was the first day of the food part of the challenge.To provide a little inspiration,i thought i would add this from kyle who completed the paleo challenge last time we did it in November

“This Isn’t A ‘Diet’ – The Paelo Challenge.

When I first heard about the Paleo challenge, I was skeptical. You want ME to try a diet? You’ve got to be joking! I did some research and thought it sounded interesting but still wasn’t convinced. So, I decided to give it a shot for 30 days and see for myself.

Going paleo wasn’t easy. Giving up foods that I loved and had been taught were an essential part of the food pyramid took some getting used to. But within two weeks I was seeing phenomenal results and after passing the 30 day mark, I have yet to look back.

I’m faster, stronger and my recover time and body composition continues to improve. Those afternoon energy crashes are gone and I’m sleeping better than ever. The cravings have stopped and my taste in food has changed. I’ve replaced the foods I left behind with all kinds nutritious fruits and vegetables that we were designed to eat.

For me paleo isn’t a diet, it’s become a lifestyle.


Find a new 3 or 5rm in 20 mins

Met Con:
3 rounds for time
20 unbroken pull ups
50 doubleunders
Every time you break in to pull-ups do 5 burpees

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