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In case you didn’t hear, registration for the CF Games Open Sectional is now live.  Tonight’s post is going to cover just a few high-level points.  Part 2 will go into way more detail and will include an FAQ.

Here’s what you need to know right now:

  • We’ll be hosting all six of the workouts, and anyone from our gym or another (or not part of a gym) is welcome to join us.
  • Workouts will be released every Tuesday night, beginning on Tuesday, March 15
  • Every Thursday at 6pm at CFO, we’ll be doing a walkthrough of the workout for all who will be competing on Saturday.  We’ll be covering everything from standards to strategy for the workout.
  • Every Saturday, beginning at 12:30m, we’ll be running and videoing  people through the workout in heats, and won’t leave until everyone gets their workout in.

Besides registering on the CF Games site, you need to register with us as well, so that we know who will be competing and can place you in heats.  You can do that here:register

That’s it for now.  Go and get registered.  The fun begins in one week!

Met Con:
4 Rounds for time
7 Muscle ups
15 Deadlifts 100/70
30 Walking lunges

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