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An announcement from the co-owners of  CFD:Sunday Yoga Sessions
We have a announcement to make , some of you guys asked if we could get some yoga going at the box.
So i have asked Michael Ryan from yoga rooms to come in every sunday  afternoon starting in april and on through the summer months.We would like to get some idea of  CFD members and anyone else who would be interested in getting invovled.If you are please email me.Just to so you know if you email its not a commitment we just want to get a idea of interest .The idea is at the end of a long intense week of training it is good to get in a hour of stretching  and  if your not going to do it your self then come to a room full of people who are there to stretch.Yoga promotes a body awareness that benefits CrossFitters immensely.Balance, coordination, flexibility and accuracy are all elements of fitness improved via neuromuscular adaptation.  Yoga addresses all of these.  Body awareness, or the ability to make your body do what you want when you want, is crucial in moving better.  What is CrossFit ultimately about?  Moving better so you can increase your physical work capacity.  Yoga can undoubtedly help a lot of people move better which can only get you CrossFitting better.

-Michael , Davy

Strict Pull up
Find a new 5rep max in 12 mins

Met Con:
-Overhead Squat 45/30
-Sumo Deadlift high pull 45/30

Danger of being Too Low Carb
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