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Fridays A.M.R.A.P

Check out CFD athlete  Tina hitting the CrossFit sectional WOD 1.AMAZING WORK Tina!!!!

The Paleo challenge can present many challenges. Like, figuring out what to say when you get those funny looks from your friends, family and co-workers regarding your Paleolithic food choices.  Isn’t it ironic that if you slam a bag of Doritos and Skittles nobody bats an eyelash but if you order your breakfast without toast the whole world collapses around you!

1. “It’s an experiment, I have no idea how it will end up.”

Even though you know more about diet than Dr. Oz, sometimes it’s best to pretend you’re completely green to the subject. Saying your current diet is an experiment will help pass the responsibility off of you and you won’t have to explain yourself.

Everyone’s experimented before, so they’ll surely understand.

2. “I’m allergic to…”

You can say just about anything here -– I’m allergic to meat, butter, milk, Cheese, anything-in-a-box, etc.

No one questions allergies since they can be so serious, so why not use them to your advantage to deflect the diet questions.

3. “I don’t know, it’s probably just a fad.”

Admitting you’re a follower -– even though you’re not -– will actually help you here. Most people know fads come and go, so when you tell them your diet is a fad, they’ll figure you’ll be done with it in a few weeks, just like their stint on the Atkins Diet.

So, now that we’re well in to the challenge and you’ve had some time to perfect your script, share how you respond to the nosie $hits in your life? Post responses to comments.

Todays WOD

Overhead Squat
5 5 5 5 5
(Work up to a heavy 5 reps)

Met con:
“Crossfit games sectional WOD11. 1”
A.M.R.A.P in 10 mins
30 double unders
15 power snatch 35/25

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