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Glynner , come a long way in a year .Great work mate

CFD started 2011 off to a good start with a 4-week Paleo Challenge that ended just a few days ago.  We’re so proud of all the hard work you’ve put into this and for putting up with all the “you-can’t-eat what?” from everyone in your lives. A challenge like this takes an enormous amount of determination and self discipline! Congratulations to you all, even if they fell of the paleo wagon but especially to those who were able to hang in there until the bitter end!I hope you all have stories like these and that you were able to come away with some fresh, new insight into how the foods we eat can directly impact our health and fitness.

The winner of the first paleo challenge of 2011 are Andy Marky with a difference of 6.15 and Dr N Daly with a 2.45 difference .The winners were based on the best improvement on their time between the first workout and the second one.

We hope you stay tuned for our next Paleo Challenge later this year.

There was a good showing at our first Sunday yoga sessions , hope to see this grow over the next few weeks .It is a great way to wrap up a hard week of training especially one like last week .This class is open to all not just CFD members so spread the word.


Back Squat
5 or 3 rep max

Met Con:
10 Front squat 60/40
5 Toes to bar
9 Front squat
5 Toes to bar
8 Front squat
5 Toes to bar
Work all the way down to ….
1 Front squat
5 Toes to bar

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