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Wod 11.3 from the crossfit games

Reminder:First social of the 2010

BBQ this Saturday after the new 2 oclock saturday strength session.Ian (maddogg) has left a list at the door for people to to fill in weather they are attending or not.Either way please fill it in so we can organise everything for the day, food bus …..etc .I made a balls of the facebook event notice.So we have had to go back to the good old fashion way of making a list with pen and paper.Its far better if you ask me.

Skill and Tech:
Clean + Jerk

Met Con:
Run 1 mile
21 Clean and jerk,70/40kg
Run 800 meters
21Clean and jerk, 70/ 40kg
Run 1 Mile

Specialization, Training Volume, and Talent Development
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