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Pre WOD tactics !!

The plan for Saturday is to have a BBQ/Drinks/Games etc in CFD from 4pm.  We have also organised some finger food and tables in krystle nite club for around 10 pm, so we would love to see everyone make it down if possible and if not maybe join us for part 2 of the night..!! We all do enough hard work together in CFD during the week so its about time we all tear it up.!! Some people have already filled in a sheet in the gym to say if they are attending and if they are eating. If you have not done this and are attending please drop us an email and let us know if your in. Will our drinking intensity match our workout intensity..?? Post comments..!!!!!

A1 Press 5 5 5 @80-90%

Rest 60 secs
A2 strict pulll up 5 5 5
Rest 120 secs

Met Con:
50 Doubles unders
10 Toes to Bar
40 Doubles
10 TtB
30 Doubles
10 TtB
20 Doubles
10 TtB
10 Doubles
10 TtB

Do You Train?
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