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Cara in Saturdays WOD, great work!!

Guys check out the leader board to see where our CFD athletes stand right now .You have all been doing the wods from the crossfit games regionals for the last 4 fridays .Take this as a gage to to see where you are strong ,weak,  skilled ,unskilled and make those weekness your goal for the time it takes to make them a strength.The WOD’s so far have been a crossfit at its purist with all components of the 10 physical skills crossfit promotes as its definition/standards for fitness.At the OPT nutrition cert i have been attending he mentioned that there is a few key components missing from the standards used to define fitness .Longevity is what kept popping up for me and weather your goal is to become a top crossfitter/athlete ,look and feel the best you possibly can or  just stay healthy and strong for as long as you live  you need to educate and implement a diet that will give you that longevity.Look around you obesity , cancers, depression ,diabities  the people living in physical pain and on pills for something that could of been avoided in the first place if they avoided certain foods and maintain a balanced lifestyle .I will blog more on what i got from OPT when i can digest it more, but for now just think meat and veggies .Easy place to start.

Front Squat
Find new 3/5rm

Met Con:
Amrap in 7 mins
6 truster 45/30
8 toes to bar
16 Double unders

Compare to Jan 13th 2011

Is Sugar Toxic?
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