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Its all Good!!!

Here it is the last WOD 11.6 of the Crossfit games sectionals 2011,.This one is a combination of Truster and pull ups , i like to get a good name for this one so start giving your ideas to comments.We will be pairing you up so you can score ,judge and encourage each other during the workout.Its a 7 min A.M.R.A.P so Partner 1 goes then partner 2.

Met Con:

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:

3 Barbell Thrusters 45/30kg
3 Chest to bar Pull-ups
6 Barbell Thrusters 45/30kg
6 Chest to bar Pull-ups
9 Barbell Thrusters 45/30kg
9 Chest to bar Pull-ups
12 Barbell Thrusters 45/30kg
12 Chest to bar Pull-ups
15 Barbell Thrusters 45/30kg
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
18 Barbell Thrusters45/30kg
18 Chest to bar Pull-ups
21 Barbell Thrusters 45/30kg
This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 21, go on to 24. If you complete 24, go on to 27, etc.

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