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Last night Fundamentals working hard

Guys Mad dogg is putting together a CFD tag team (maybe 2 if we have the numbers)if your interested in playing or just been part of in managerial role please email me or submit your interest on the Crossfit Dublin fan page  on Facebook.On another note i had alot of interest in the nutritional/lifecoaching practicals i have to do for my OPT course.There is only 20 places and these spaces are all gone now. They were filled up @ 9oc the morning i blogged it. Those who i cannot get to this time please feel free to ask any question you want to have answered .I will be posting the common issues i come across in my findings in the practicals .

Other things happening this week:

  • Strength saturday is back on this saturday at its regular time of 2oc.
  • Yoga sundays back on at 11oc

Strength :
A1 Deadliftx4 (5 tough touch and go – go heavier per set) – rest 20 secs
A2 Ring dips x4 12-15 reps – rest 3 mins.

Met Con:
double unders
toes to bar

In Hypertension, Strong Men Live Longer
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