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Andy"kiwi" showing us all what triple extension really means!!

I received this from our mate Andy the kiwi just after he left.Its a overview of his 6months here at CFD and the gains he has made as an athlete ,first i like to say Andy showed huge gains due to his dedication and to the fact he just kept showing up again again. Thats it girls and guys “SHOW UP” track your workouts and watch what you eat and the magic  that is crossfit  will happen.Here is Andys email have a read!

Hey Bro,
Just been taking a look back through my journal and looking at a few of my progressions.
I started CrossFit in September 2010. Weighed 96kg @ 185cm and thought I was strong and in shape at that size. After switching to eating a mainly Paleo diet and Crossfitting 3-4 times a week I was soon down to 78kg. Now I am at about 83kg.
Playing Hockey I always had lower back problems and due to other movements a lot of groin issues. Have found they have faded away as I progressed and now do not have the same problems. My power output on the pitch and strength have really pushed my game up and I never saw such massive gains in my entire 4 years at a normal gym as I have in the last 6 months.
Having done about 75 CrossFit sessions now, here are some of my gains:
Front Squat:
3RM @ 80kg on 11/10/10.
3RM @ 95kg on 25/01/11.
Back Squat:
5RM @ 105kg on 18/01/11
5RM @ 110kg on 24/02/11
1RM @ 137.5kg on 06/03/11
5RM  @ 90kg on 13/09/10
5rm   @ 165kg on 30/03/10
3RM @ 62.5kg on 17/01/11
3RM @ 70kg on 20/03/11
Overhead Squat:
3RM @ 50kg on 20/09/10
5RM @ 65kg on 15/11/10
1RM @ 85kg on 30/03/11
Pull Up:
3RM @ 10kg on 11/01/11
3RM @ 20kg on 18/02/11
Ring Dip:
1RM @ 5KG on 20/09/10
1RM @ 34kg on 20/01/11
I got my first Muscle Up on the 20/10/10. I managed 5 Kipping Muscle Ups on 27/01/11
In January I was able to do Pistol Squats, and last time I tried I could do 8 on each leg.
Also able to do Handstand Push Ups with relative ease now, and am working towards handstands without the wall.
Have managed to OHS my bodyweight. Clean my Bodyweight. Squat 1.7 x my bodyweight. Could probably Deadlift close to 2 x my bodyweight if I tried!
As far as workouts go, I was scaling WODS until January 2011. From then on I have not scaled on WOD, and been completing RX with fast times. Some comparisons:
17m30s on 13/09/10
4m30s on 03/03/11
Filthy Fifties:
32m40s on 22/09/10
21m05s on 15/03/11

Grace: 2m31 on 16/02/11
Nancy: 16m48s on 25/01/11
Badger: 27m36s on 14/03/11

Unfortunately I have no photos of before I started at the weight of 96kg. But it is very noticeable as I have had a lot of comments about how trim I am currently. But that’s a bit of a rundown of my 6 months at CrossFit Dublin. Shame to have to leave now when I would have had the Summer free to really smash some trainings. Might be back one day though!
Big thanks to you and Dave. Have really pushed me and help me break through a lot of barriers regarding training. Hopefully I can keep it up back home in NZ.
Will be down a few more times before I leave, so will catch you then.


Strength :
A1 Deadliftx4 (5 tough touch and go – go heavier per set) – rest 20 secs
A2 Ring dips x4 12-15 reps – rest 3 mins.

Met Con:
3 rounds for time
10 squat clean 60/40
20 bar face facing burpees

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