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1st Paleo Challenge of 2011

We are officially halfway through febuary; that means it’s time to reflect on your New Year’s resolution(s). So, how’s it going? Did you commit to kicking the sugar habit or revamping your diet? Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, we’ve got just the thing to help you stay on target: a Paleo challenge! On March 1st, CFD will be kicking off another Paleo challenge. But to stay true to our “constantly varied” motto, things will be a little different this time around (see how below).

Here are the new suggestions:

Suggestion#1: Keep it simple
For the next 6 weeks you are free to consume all of the following foods:
animal protein (“Eat meat that once had a face and a soul” -– Robb Wolf)
veggies (try to get the bulk from non-starchy vegetables)
nuts (except peanuts)
spices & salt
olive oil and coconut oil for cooking

Suggestion #2: No naked carbs
To prevent your blood sugar from spiking, keep your meals balanced and don’t eat fruit away from protein.

Suggestion #3: You will team up with an accountability partner.
Every day for the next 6 weeks you will keep a record of all your meals and snacks (don’t worry about writing down portions). At the end of every week you and your partner will check in with each other (i.e., share, laugh and vent). Communication can be via phone, email, text, or in person.

Suggestion #4: No more than 3 alcoholic drinks per week.
All participants should be limited to 3 of the following alcoholic beverages per week (not all at the same time):

1) Red or white wine (4 oz serving)

Suggestion #5: There are NO cheat days.
The purpose of this challenge is to give your body some time to heal by removing potential irritants such as sugar, gluten and dairy from your diet. Just one “cheat meal” can cause a flare-up that can set you back for weeks. If you DO cheat or “accidentally” eat a pizza, please fess up to your accountability partner or one of the trainers. Your money will be forfeited but you can still get back in the saddle and finish off the remainder of the challenge if you’d like.

Suggestion #6: You must participate in a before- and after-WOD.
The “before” workout will take place on Tuesday 1st the . There will be a short Q-and-A immediately following. The same workout will be repeated at the completion of the challenge: Fri 31st .

Cost & Signing Up

The cost for the Paleo Challenge is €20. The prize money will be awarded to the female and male who show the best improvement in their time. If you are interested in signing up for the Paleo Challenge, come to the kick-off workout on march 1st  or contact me directly.

Once you have signed up i will send on our “Elite Fittnes Nutrition Guide” and Paleo food list.

Met Con:

5 Rounds for Max Reps, 3 Minutes Each:

Run 400m
12 Power Cleans 60/45kg
Max Burpees

Rest 90 seconds between rounds.

Mike burgener :Coaching the power clean

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