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A lot of folks have been asking questions around the programming and what the current focus/cycle is aimed at.

I would like to start by reiterating what we said to you on your first day at Crossfit Perpetua.

“Our focus in here with our training and mentoring is to make you stronger and fitter out there.”

Some of you may remember this and some of you might have forgotten along the way. We aim to train and develop every physical skill in your body. Strength, power, flexibility, stamina, endurance, speed, coordination, balance and accuracy . This is called “General Physical Preparedness” or in short ‘GPP’. This helps us (the Perpetua coaches) set you up to meet all your daily physical and mental challenges with more vigour and less hesitation.

So you can be guaranteed with our programming on a weekly basis that you will see the foundational movements (A squat, A push and A pull) and around them we develop the medium to high skill gymnastics and Olympic lifts.

The programming at the moment and for the coming 8 weeks has bias towards conditioning. This will work for the greater population of the gym. If your focus is to loose weight and lean up for spring then this is your opportunity along with good clean diet. TAKE IT! If your focus is to prep for the upcoming open then you need to build muscular endurance as we all know it’s about how long you can hang on in when the workout comes on heavy. Which ever your goal is here it works both ways.

There is always need for strength no matter where your focus lies. Your body needs it to recover and prevent. Strength and mobility are two of the upmost important skills in my book if your want to perform well at life .You can always expect them to be a big part of the Perpetua programming.

I hope you see the value in what I’m saying. As coaches we relish in your goals being met and all of your successes at the box and in life.

Please never stop asking us questions but as you have heard before “Trust the programming” – we have your back.

I would like you to spend a moment thinking about your first day at Crossfit and where you have come to today. Fills me full of gratitude!

Big Dawg

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