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Welcome to August and a slightly new block of programming. The Base and Peak seems to be well received but is still possibly a bit misunderstood. So along with recapping the idea behind these, I will also be giving a brief glimpse into the thought process behind the overall design of your training.

Base and Peak
The two programs will focus on the same theme each day. Sometimes it may not be clear but just ask your coach they will be able to explain the cross over. Each program could be followed exclusively and produce great results, or you can combine the two with the aim of eventually following Peak full time. Base will prepare a person for the strength and movement required for Peak, or if a person has no interest in making the change they will be able to continue to follow Base and see improvement. Below are some reasons why you might choose to follow either programme, but they are not hard and fast rules, just a recommendation!


  • Low training age (less than 2-3 years in a gym environment).
  • It is more volume based (think higher reps per set) to allow good adaptation to movement patterns and build a solid foundation.
  • Develop bodyweight movements with a focus on structure, health and movement.


  • High training age
  • Generally more intensity based (think lower reps, higher weights) and more higher skill movements (Cleans, Snatchs, Muscle Ups).
  • Advancement of the foundation movements adding speed, complexity and load.
  • A desire to compete in the Sport of Fitness

During the first block of the new programming, we kicked off with a week of testing. These were mainly Energy Systems testing but the gym overall put out good results here. I have always felt the gym is a well conditioned gym. The focus now will be on developing gymnastics strength, technique and positions in the Olympic lifts. There will still be your normal strength work with a barbell and work on the different energy systems.

  • You may not see much overhead pressing work in the strength, as I have favoured gymnastics pressing instead. This is from seeing a much higher carry over from gymnastics strength to barbell strength. Gymnastics will demand more of your mobility and stability which really helps you move a barbell more efficiently.
  • The full Olympic Lifts will be less frequent as we work more positional and segments of each lift. As we get stronger here the lifts will start to reappear as the main focus.
  • 20rep back squats make an appearance. They will be 2x per week and please stick to the %’s. You will be doing this 12-15 times over the coming weeks so if you start too high you’re in for a rough ride! You will build comfort in the squat and some mental fortitude as the weeks go on as you grind out those last few reps.
  • Sumo deadlifting will be in to add some variance. Strengthening the hips will help and carry over to a lot of other lifts in the gym.

Coach Andy

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