Don't Lose Those Gainz While On Holidays!

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First up, this isn’t a quick promo for WOD Holidays where you can keep up your training with private transfers, 5 star accomodation, beach WODs, outdoor activities and many other extras 😉

Anyway, we all have holidays coming up so if you’re like me and would like to keep up your training then here’s a few things that might help you feel good about your training when away:

  1. Drop into a local box

It’s always a good opportunity to see what other boxes are like and experience training in a different environment. Anyone who has ever dropped into another box around the world will always say they got a big welcome and enjoyed the whole process. Different coaching styles and different equipment may offer a new experience so give it a go. Muscle memory is important and if you train when you are away, you will ensure your game is on point when you are back.  

You can search for local boxes here on the CrossFit affiliate map –

  1. Watch what you eat

Yes you are on holiday but you don’t need to eat everything that is unhealthy when on holiday. You have to relax and enjoy yourself so maybe plan to have any treats on certain days or even just the evening meal so you can limit the excessive indulging 😉 Everyone can use Google so research restaurants nearby and find out what menu catches your eye!

Check out Kortney’s blog on finding a balance when on holidays –

  1. Home/ Beach workout

It can be hard to motivate yourself when away to train by yourself but even setting yourself a goal to train before breakfast for 20-30 mins will set your day up perfectly. There are so many bodyweight WODs you can do so search a few online or ask your coach to program something easy for you to do. Annie or Cindy benchmark WODs would be easily set up and wouldn’t require much planning.

Here’s a link to a few suggestions –

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  1. Globo gym/Hotel gym

There may be some locations where there are no boxes but that’s no excuse. The traditional gym can always be a good alternative to keep your training up. We all train classic compound movements in CrossFit and if you feel those exercises need more work, then go work on them! Any accessory exercises can help a lot so again, ask your coach if you are going away and see what they think would be best for you to focus on.  

If you dont’ want any hassle of the above, then check out WOD Holidays and we will look after everything for you!


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