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Terry Too Much

Last week Coach Ryan used the phrase “Don’t be a Terry too much!” and it has stuck over recent sessions. It is very easy to be guilty of being a Terry too much, going too heavy in a workout, focusing on more reps or quicker reps and not keeping a good form or simply trying to get that RX beside your name. Terry’s turn up everywhere and we must remind them that more is not always better, especially in training.

As coaches we emphasise – Technique -> Consistency -> Intensity and always look at correcting poor technique during sessions, whether it’s a strength class or a CrossFit class. As athletes it is natural to want to lift more and to lift heavier, but when there is a workout with heavy deadlifts, and the RX weight is your 5RM it is not a very good idea to try and lift that weight for a lot more reps at a much higher intensity. This is when Terry’s back starts to round and he/she struggles through every rep. Trying to get that RX or heavy weight is not worth the risk of injury nor the extra cash you’ll be paying to a physio.

This principle does not only apply to deadlifts but all movements and all workouts whether it’s a “WOD”, strength class or warm up. Don’t be that person who tries to strict press too much, leaning back with a severe arch to get an extra 5kg overhead. Practice the proper movement and the weight will come.

It is very easy to be a Terry, we all want to go heavier and faster, but take your time in doing so. Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity. Listen to your coach and if you are unsure of what weight to use always ask. After asking, listen and don’t go heavier because Terry next to you is going too heavy. For anyone that would like to be a Terry in their quest for greatness we are happy to give you our physio’s phone number.

If you don’t know your numbers come along to Coach Andy’s Max Lift session this Saturday 9th May to track your numbers.  Book in via zen.

*No Terrys were harmed (yet) in the making of this blog.

**Apologies to anyone named Terry or Terri.

***Terry too Much – Rights Reserved to BIG DAWG


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