Double Under Rope Skill Workshop

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Double Under Rope Skill Workshop
February 21st @ 12pm
CrossFit Perpetua

Every heard this….:
Skip, skip double, clip…. F$#k!!! Insert rope being cannoned at the wall…
followed by “i hate double unders!!!”

This for many CrossFitters is the taunting pursuit of the rope skill – double unders. Or what one coach lovingly named ‘beating myself with a skipping rope until I’m black and blue’.

Although they seem basic, double unders are a complex movement, testing an athlete’s endurance, skill and coordination, and you better believe that they will show up in almost every CrossFit qualifier, competition and especially the forthcoming CrossFit Open (have you signed up yet?!), not to mention many of the WODs at CrossFit Perpetua.

As the saying goes, ‘Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect’. Volume training is a good way to improve your double unders, however like any other movement in CrossFit, you need to first master the skills, techniques and positions that will allow you to perform more unbroken double unders for longer without overly fatiguing yourself for other movements in your workout.

To help you perfect these skills, CrossFit Perpetua is hosting a Double Under Workshop, sponsored by SGF Speed ropes, on 21 February at 12pm, where we will go over techniques and take you through drills and mobility work to help you practice your double unders. The workshop will end with a WOD so you can apply what you’ve learned.

The workshop is £25 to attend, or £35 to attend the workshop and get an SGF speed rope, customised to your height (SGF ropes normally retail at £24.99)

Ropes will need to be ordered prior to the event and are completely customisable: name for the rope, height, handle colour and bag colour!!

Deadline for rope order to ensure they will arrive in time for the workshop will be: Friday 9am 13th February 2015.

You can sign up via calendar in zen planner, and if you pay for a rope please mail your order to Rusty.

If you have any questions, please email Rusty

For more info on SGF Speed Ropes:

Get ready to smash it guys!

Coach Rusty

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