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Having goals are important as it gives us a long-term vision and motivation to where we would like to be. Especially when it comes to your health and fitness strive for greatness and longevity. Done right, fitness should be a great margin of protection against the effects of time and disease. Which should be continued throughout your life.

Goal setting, two of the most common approaches are creating process-oriented goals or outcome-oriented goals. Outcome-based goals tend to have a definite endpoint, such as, getting a double bodyweight back squat. Process-oriented goals focus on the little wins that help you reach that milestone, without process-focused goals it is far less likely for people to actually achieve their long-term goal.

Steps to Enjoy the Process

Enjoy what you do
The process is more important than constantly focusing on the outcome, enjoying the process is the best thing you can do for yourself. Enjoying what you do makes you more likely to succeed. Find joy in the process of learning and mastering the skills in the gym, you will continue to keep participating long after the goal has been achieved.

Master The Skill
Strength is a skill, just like any other. Each class you participate in, look at it as an opportunity to better yourself with quality practice. Focusing on better practice and consistently practicing well you will slowly chip away at your goal. Don’t rush, be true to yourself, require a high standard of quality movement and do the basics well (rest, hydration, nutrition and other corrective work) and in the end avoid injury.

Be Humble
Be thankful and happy with how far you have came. As your strength continues to grow your body continues to look better, and move in new ways and as your confidence shoots through the roof, it is important that you remain level headed.

The process of long term fitness goals can be challenging for a number of reasons. One of the most challenging aspects is learning to listen to your body when it cries for help. Without optimal rest and recovery we cannot build optimal strength and conditioning. More is not always better, less is often more.


When it comes to training we can become frustrated and give up easy when we don’t get results, If you expect to look like Arnie after a few weeks of work – then you will come away disappointed 100% of the time. But with consistency, hard work and honing in on your skills, you are getting much closer.

Without each piece to the puzzle consistency and frequency of training, (nutrition, rest, hydration, stress management etc) fitting into their respective place, our goals would remain indefinitely out of reach. By focusing on enjoying the process the outcome takes care of itself.

Smile ladies and gentlemen, be positive and enjoy the ride!

You’re killing it!

Coach CJ



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