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Last weekend a group of Perpetua members assembled upon Clapham Common for an afternoon of socializing and ball sports. With some amazing talent on display by all of the people who attended, I got thinking about how the time we put in the gym influences our performance. This lead me into the explanation of what exactly CrossFit is and what its aim actually is. Many of us have heard the terms GPP (General Physical Preparedness) or perhaps heard of the fact that as humans we can perform 10 general physical skills, but what does this all have to do with increased athletic performance for the majority of people using CrossFit as a way of staying fit and get stronger!?!

As you may have seen from previous blogs, I am always on the search for meaningful blogs and write ups that will help my clients or myself grow in various ways. The experience of Saturday and the way I feel during every sport I play lead me into the archives of the many PDF documents I have saved from The CrossFit Journal. So, why am I sharing this with you and why is it relevant to how we benefit from our training? It starts off with the question of why we actually use CrossFit as our method of training. Although there are many different reasons, ultimately it comes down to wanting to be fitter and stronger in some way. The next question I ask myself is now that I have all this strength and fitness, what exactly am I doing with it all. That question is one of the easiest to answer when you understand the benefits of the training that we do. For me one of the most important things that CrossFit promotes, which is often the most forgotten, is to put to use the benefits of increased athletic abilities. Often we get consumed by the training that we do (which is great) but neglect the benefits of having them. It’s kind of like getting a convertible car but never dropping the roof. Below is an article that I pulled out of my archives explaining what exactly GPP is all about and how exactly it benefits each one of you.


So by now it should be apparent that what we do in the gym increases your athletic and fitness abilities on a daily bases. Although this might not be news to you, it certainly is something that is most often overlooked and forgotten about. The reason I am telling you this is largely due to the fact that recently I have been fortunate enough to test my fitness in ways that I, would certainly not have thought I would be decent in and to my amazement, I found myself performing at a level that was hardly fit for a beginner. This is a benefit that we can use and see for ourselves and if (as all of you have) you have sat in on a first day intro you will have heard your coach recommending the trial of at least 2-3 new sports a year. This is something we would like you all to try over the next few months and ultimately remember why you do CrossFit and what the benefits are. After all its now summer, get out there, drop the roof down and enjoy being outdoors.

– Coach Mario

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