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New Strength Programming @ Perpetua

Hey Guys,

As you may or may not have known – we are running a new 8 week strength cycle in the Strength and Movement classes.

So how does it work?
It will now be running 5 days a week.. Monday and Wednesday at 7am and 7pm. New added strength classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 11.30am from next week onwards (Tuesday will be a repeat of Monday’s class and Thursday is a repeat of Wednesday’s class – this will all be up in the weekly WODs). It will run as usual on Saturday morning at 10am. If you commit for 8 weeks you will see some great results in overall strength and muscle gain. The strength programme will benefit all members whether here 5 years or just in the door.

The programme is built around three main movements:

• Front Squat
• Bulgarian Split Squat
• Back Squat

On the front and back squat the cycle starts with 6×6. If you attend every session the reps will slowly decrease to 6×4 then 6×2. If you miss a session you will remain at 6×6.

It changes slightly for the Bulgarian split squat. The goal is to create stability and control. If this is demonstrated then we add load.

The purpose of this cycle is to build stability and strength in the squat. But we also just want to get people stronger! The main reason why people can’t complete workouts as RX is because they aren’t strong enough to lift the loads required.

Typically if your squat increases a lot of your other power lifts and Olympic lifts will increase also. Plus there is a correlation with leg strength and how long you live…….

For all you ladies and typical fellas wondering what is going to happen your upper-body – Will it shrink? No. Will arms size decrease? No. There will be plenty of upper-body and gymnastic accessories to accommodate your squat.

Lastly, we also have ‘The Proof Board’ to record your numbers and to track your strength gains. It also records what loads you lifted and when you lifted. You will see this board hanging beside the Orange Box whiteboard.

We also highly recommend everyone attends one of Coach Andy’s Max Lift Sessions. The next one is running on 9th May. We had great results on Saturday with most members hitting new PBs. Much higher than their previous RMs. If it has been a while since you’ve tested your numbers, or you are new and don’t know what your numbers are – then this is for you.

May your squats be heavy and your WODs be short,

Coach Conlan

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