OPEX C5 – James Fitzgearald

March 30, 2015 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

The OPEX C5 Course is designed to introduce you to the coaching methodology that has made OPEX a leader in the fitness arena.  During this course you will be introduced to the 5 Star Coaching Program:

  1. Assessment: Great coaches don’t guess when they program for their athletes.  They watch, listen, and analyze the data that their athletes present with.  Without an assessment a coach is no better than the gym next door
  2. Program Design: Coaches must design programs with long term goals in mind.  Is an athlete weak?  Their program should be structured to build strength over time.  Is an athlete poor in endurance workouts?  Their program should reflect a strategic, long term approach to building their aerobic capacity.  What if a client needs to lose weight and build health?  Their program shouldn’t be crushing day in and day out.  Whatever the athlete/clients present with needs to be put into a well thought out plan that has specific purpose
  3. Nutrition: This topic is talked often about but rarely put into practice effectively.  just as assessment and program design are paramount so to is the diet of the athlete.  Do they need more or less calories?  Do they need to clean their gut?  Perhaps they actually need more of all macros.  The nutrition protocol has to be specific to the athlete, their makeup, and their goals
  4. Life Coaching: This topic scares many coaches but it is perhaps the stitch that ties a quality coaching program together.  Without uncovering the mentality and the emotion of an athlete the coach lacks the understanding of why that athlete does what he/she does.  That “why” is crucial in getting the most out of an athlete
  5. Business Systems: Coaches and owners must recognize that coaching is a business.  The only way to continue coaching and helping people is to create a strong business.  How is retention understood?  Why is a sales closing rate important?  Is your business growing?  Once the coach uncovers the right questions he/she can begin analyzing the methods to building long term success

This is the perfect course to kick off a powerfully strong move toward becoming a coaching leader in the community.  Learn how to create a unique and powerful training environment that is sustainable over the course of time.  We hope to see you there!

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