Expectations vs Reality

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Within CrossFit there is a lot of expectation around results and ability to perform. That just turning up 4-5 times a week qualifies you for Regionals and that someone who is only here 6 months doesn’t deserve to have certain movements and you should be better than them. But let’s take a step back and look into this.

The most unfortunate thing about this situation is it can be entirely genetic. Some people simply do not have the potential, no matter how perfect their training and recovery is, to match others. It sucks! But it is true. This doesn’t mean you should give up, but instead of trying to be better than others and focusing on their results, beating yourself up because you’re not progressing as fast, why not train to reach YOUR genetic potential whatever that may be? It is a very hard thing to define. How do you truly know you are there? I don’t really know that. I do know that focusing on your development based on your body, background and lifestyle can certainly create a healthier training environment.

Secondly, you don’t always know what that other person’s background is. I mean sure, they have just started CrossFit, how do they have muscle ups within 6 weeks?!? CrossFit is the application of many other training methods. Having trained in multiple sports myself, there are numerous things that this helps develop which carry over to the Sport of Fitness. Motor Control, CNS development, Mental Toughness, Strength, Aerobic Fitness… Personally I have had a lot of exposure to CrossFit, 5+ years in fact. I quickly accelerated through progressions but at the time I had 15-20 years of sporting background when I started CrossFit (As soon as I could walk I was running about after my brother trying to keep up). So while you hear people say ‘Oh I’ve been doing CrossFit for 6 months, so happy to make Regionals’ it’s a bit bullshit. As I said, CrossFit is the application of many training methods. Just because you haven’t been doing CrossFit, doesn’t mean you haven’t been doing training that coincidentally is perfect for athlete development in the Sport of Fitness.

Some people beat themselves up too much and this is hopefully going to help a few people take some pressure off! This is also by no means an excuse for you to be lazy and claim that’s why you don’t have a muscle up either! A good conversation with your coach to realise your starting point is often the best way to start getting better results. Training at a level you think you’re at can actually be detrimental to progress and why so many people plateau. Sometimes it is a step backwards to take several step forwards. Those steps might be slow, but at least they will be in the right direction.

Your journey is going to begin at a different place and move at a different pace to others. All you can do is try your best to keep it moving at the optimal pace, progressing at the best rate you can. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the process. Keep pushing yourself but at the same time, give yourself a break.

Coach Andy

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