My experience at CrossFit Perpetua so far by Coach Conor

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It was around this time last year that I chatted with Dave and started my Crossfit Dublin / Perpetua experience. (I don’t like the word journey) It’s been an awesome year and a great choice to join Perpetua. I want to share some experiences of that year.

Last year I walked into the gym and spent the first 2-3 months just shadowing coaches and training with the class, making sure that I got to know the members better before I started coaching. I got to know them very well but I’m not sure they got to know me due the language barrier, which still sometimes occurs today (just ask the 6.30am class).

I was skinnier than I am now (hard to believe right) but I still took my top off in WODs, John McCall and Andy O’Neill first taught me about this. Once the WOD starts you do half of the first round, then take your top off and that’s when the workout really starts! One of my favourite memories from last summer was when we did the CrossFit Games workout ‘Triple three’ in the gym at the same time as the guys in the Games did it. We had it streaming on the computer, luckily for me it finished with a 3mile run and I managed to beat Rich Froning (didn’t manage a 300lb snatch that summer though).

Coaching a great group of people makes it easy to get up at 6am (the morning class probably thinks I’m lying) but it genuinely does. I do need to learn to leave the gym as it is very easy to get trapped there all day but I guess when it becomes your home with a big family that’s why it is easy.

This past 12 months I’ve helped out with the row in Dun Laoghaire when we rowed the distance to Scotland and back, raising money for charity. Went to London with the team for the John Mehigan cup, spent halloween night playing beer pong dressed as Eoghan McGregor in a muscle suit and did the 12 days of Christmas workouts. One of the best highlights was Friday Night Lights during the CrossFit Open, as we had 80 people in the gym cheering each other on, pizza and beers every Friday night and a ‘pig on the spit’ on the last night.

What I’m saying is, thank you CrossFit Perpetua, coaches and members for giving me a great first year. Crossfit Perpetua isn’t just a place with top coaches, great training but a place where you make genuine friends and enjoy a fantastic social side. The best advice I can give to members is to have fun. Training should be fun, yes there are hard parts but we should be thankful that we can train and take that opportunity every day to just enjoy it. This summer I hope you have as good a summer in Perpetua as I did last year, because it was feckin awesome!

Don’t forget the John Mehigan Cup is on the 11th July, where Perpetua London are travelling over to compete against us in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. Whether competing or just supporting, bring your family, bring your beers, bring your friends and come along and enjoy!

Coach Conor


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