Farewell to some great members!

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Sadly we’ve had to say goodbye to some members who have recently moved – Bri and Laure.

Bri has been a member of Perpetua for over three years! Here’s Bri’s goodbye message:


Scary how time flies when you’re having fun. I remember back in the day when we only had one box, when we were CF South London and when Ren had one less hole in the crotch of her onesie. Despite the continual evolution of the gym the one constant has been the mix of weirdly wonderful, truly inspirational people. I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has made Perpetua such an amazing place to roll out of bed to. I wouldn’t have achieved half the PBs nor learned half the skills without the encouragement (and light bullying!) of fellow members…not to mention the amazing coaching staff. Huge shout out to Ozzie for being such a gorgeous source of wit and wisdom, Mario for the metaphors and motivation, Ren and Popey for three years of hilariously inappropriate behaviour and finally the 0630 crew for accepting my continual lateness and never giving me burpees. My new bijou box in the countryside has some pretty big shoes to fill! Keep smashing it. Bri x

Laure ended her time at Perpetua on a high note, as the winner of the Whole Life Challenge – Congrats Laure!


I certainly had not planned for the end of the WLC to also be the end of my journey at PPTA. It really just kind of happened and I couldn’t have left any better way. Before The WLC, I like to think that I had a fair amount of knowledge about nutrition. But something was missing. I tried so many different diet styles over the last 10 years plus. From intermittent fasting to counting my macros. Nothing ever did it for me. The WLC has taught me to only worry about what my food is made of, where it comes from and completely disregard calories. I ate more than I ever did and lost 3kgs in 8 weeks. I never worried about calories. I ate when I was hungry. Sounds simple right? Well, somehow it never was that simple for me before the WLC. I feel like I have finally found a routine easily sustainable. This whole “no grains and no dairy” worked very well for me. I no longer felt tired 24/7, I had a lot more energy and I eventually learnt to love my coffee black which I must say, never thought could be possible! I’ve learnt the importance of sleep too, and my mobility improved by the end of the challenge. Stretching was definitely the most challenging of the 7 habits for me and I won’t lie to you, I know I won’t keep it up now that the challenge is over… woops! I will be trying to stick to most of it though, and not let weekends get out of control. I am now left with no WLC and no PPTA! Sad times!! I was only a Perpetuan for 6 months but I have progressed and learnt so much. Best programming ever! I shall be taking what I have learnt elsewhere now. Thank you for making me a better athlete, for introducing me to this life changing challenge, and of course, thank you for the Nanos!! Haha!  
A special thank you to my favourite coaches for their support and encouragement and to my training partners for making it so much more fun! Will miss you guys!” – Laure

We wish them all the best in their new endeavours!

Team Perpetua

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