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Have you ever found yourself wondering what goes on at Lime Street Saturday mornings at a CrossFit Kids class?
The CF Kids WOD is not just a scaled down version of what you are doing. When certain movements are picked for the WOD, they all have a underlying purpose. Each class we try to focus on balance, endurance, building bone density and even self confidence. Here is a WOD from this past CF Kids Course.

Warm Up:
1 minute of any crazy movement of your choice
20m Cartwheels
20m Crab-walk
20m Front Roll
20m Walking Lunges

Split Jerks

2 Rounds for time
15 Split Jerks
12 Box Jumps
9 KB Dead lifts
12 Split Jerks
9 Box Jumps
6 KB Dead lifts
9 Split Jerks
6 Box Jumps
3 KB Dead lifts

Most requested game: Limbo
Rules, youngest goes first, nothing can touch the bar and only your feet, hands, elbows and knees can touch the ground.

Now you know what goes down in Lime Street. If you have and questions don’t hesitate to email me at The next CrossFit Kids Classes will be starting later this month so keep an eye out.

I’d like to send out a sincere THANK YOU to the kids and parents! I do mean it when I have said your kids are great, well mannered and great little athletes.

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