First Throwdown of The London League

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London League – Crossfit South London vs Reebok Crossfit Thames


On Saturday 28th September, CFSL had its first friendly competition with another box, Reebok Crossfit Thames.

The competition was a Team competition, with teams comprising of 2 guys and 1 girl. Thanks to Philly Brennan and Phil Morton for organising, Michael Price for programming the workouts and Gemma Bailey, Sal Fierro (and my good self) for running the event.


The day started with a pre competition speech explaining the rules and standards of the day and revealing the first workout for the day. The competition was open to ALL LEVELS and teams were mixed between scales and RX athletes. Athletes were instructed in the sport of Community and Competition, if you were able to RX any or All of the workouts then you should do so and only scale the elements you have to.


And so it began…


WOD #1

8min to establish 1RM clean and jerk

Rookie competitors David and Shirley putting up impressive numbers both PB’s. It David’s first month at CFSL.


WOD #2

12 x 200m Medball Run

1 muscle up (or scale 5 dips 5 pull-ups)

45 reps Deadlift 100/60kg

45 toes to bar

45 ring dips

45 thrusters 20/15kg

45 hand release push ups

45 pull ups


 David’s first Muscle Up…………EVER.



WOD #3

Each team selects ONE team member to complete each part of the workout in a relay style event with each athlete only able to start there part of the workout once tagged in.


A)  12 pistol squats (scale heavy dumbell front squats)

12 single are DB snatch

B) 300m Row

50 kettle bell swings 32/24kg

300m Row

C) “Fran”



Pull ups


The competition was a HUGE success with most of the athletes participating recording a Personal Best in one or more event!!!!

Well put together by Phil and Phil, REALLY well programmed by Michael Price and excellently executed by Sal and Gemma.

The next Throwdown will be at Thames in Canary Wharf on Saturday November 16th at 10:300am, we encourage all of our members to attend as a supporter or participate, its great fun and an excellent way to test your fitness.



Out of 8 teams CFSL had 2 of them and finished 2nd and 3rd overall proving that you should always trust the programming…


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