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Week 3 – 16.3

Week 3 of the CrossFit Open brought a couplet of muscle ups & snatches. For the first time we saw bar muscle ups instead of ring in a 7min AMRAP of 10 Snatches & 3 Bar MU. The scaled was a similar workout but 5 jumping CTB pull ups replaced the 3 bar MU.

In the RX Poncho continued his Froning-esque performance with his third 2nd place finish to sit atop the leaderboard as John McCall picked up his first win on the night. Friday night saw seven men hit their first bar muscle up (Donal, Bernie, Diarmaid, Jimmy, Michael, Anthony and Willem). There was a huge cheer for Jimmy as he glided over the bar with a perfect bar muscle up, the guys hitting not only one rep but multiple rounds. Diarmaid Healy walked away as the happiest Cork man in the country, while also looking like he had re-enacted a scene from The Passion of the Christ. Each RX athlete showed serious determination in attempting their first muscle up, and others in improving from only ever hitting one or two, to hitting multiple!

The women’s scaled competition continues to heat up as it got even tighter at the top of the leaderboard. With three women tying a score of 120reps there is only 7 points seaparating the top 6 women. Katie Howley maintains her position at the top, but the performance were impressive all across the leaderboard. The jumping chest to bar pull ups proved to be much tougher than normal jumping pull ups.

Jess Long put in an impressive performance as she moved through two full rounds with a solid 6 bar muscle ups. Jayne O’Toole also hit up her first bar muscle up and followed it with another 2, to get get back to the barbell for round 2. 

In the men’s scaled Aidan Baird pulled away at the top taking his first win of the Open whilst Gerard Taafe keeps close at just 4 points back. Paul Byrom is in a fight for third place with Mark Grall whose joint third place finish in 16.3 saw him take third position. Niall Morris, the 7.30pm regular, or 7.35pm, showed some great fight to land a joint third in 16.3 getting on to the 70kg cleans and hitting a new squat clean PR. Niall will claim that the 7.30pm class is for those who don’t like to take it too seriously but with fellow 7.30pm-er Cillian ‘No-Sleeves’ Bredin also knocking on the top 10 they work harder than they let on!

WEEK 4 – 16.4

16.4. Wow! What a workout. 55 Handstand push ups or hand release push ups. Oh yea, just the small matter of 55 Deadlifts, 55 wall balls and 55cals on a rower before all that, and completing as many reps as possible in 13mins.

I have to start this off by congratulating Coach Jamie. I normally leave the coaches out of this, but he finished that workout 11th in Europe and sits 42nd overall, aiming for a big push towards the top 30 in the final week to try and qualify for regionals. Getting back to the wall balls was so impressive!!

Next up is Jess Long in the Women’s RX, she put in an impressive performance to get upside down and knock out 9HSPUs in what was a very tough workout! The Women’s scaled is proving to be one hell of a competition with the top 7 separated by only 7 points. Katie maintains her lead but only by 1 point as Lynn sits on 17 points in joint second with Amber, who put in a massive score of 234 reps to win 16.4. Dom Byrom sits just one more point back as her third place in the workout helped her to climb the leaderboard, with Emma Gray in 5th on 19 points. Niamh and Helen are not far back on 22 & 23 points, meaning a good performance in 16.5 can shake up the leaderboard to provide a podium finish.

Matias Rossi showed that hard work pays off to win 16.4 in the Men’s scaled division with a big score of 268 reps. This was the first time leader Aidan Baird has been knocked outside of a top 2 finish, with a third place and 252 reps. That allowed Gerard Taafe to close the gap slightly, as he will be hoping for a heavy enough workout in 16.5 if he is to try and take top spot from Aidan. Mark Grall held on to third place overall with an impressive workout. Paul will have to put in a massive performance in 16.5 to knock Mark off the podium, it promises to be an exciting finish.

Froning-esque as I said before. Even Old man Poncho. He was worried about the deadlifts. Worried about his shoulders, but at the end of the night ‘Shoulders Murphy’ prevailed to take the W and cement his place at the top of the Men’s RX leaderboard. Tom Gleeson dug deep with a second place finish to close the gap to John McCall and second place to just one point. Donal O’Neill followed up last weeks muscle ups with 21HSPU to tie Tom in second place. One of the most exciting parts of the night was Bernie & Alan as they raced through the first 3 movements, Alan doing it in close to 7mins. This left the big men with 5-6mins at the HSPU, as they pumped up the crowd and put 100% effort into each rep. Alan pipped Bernie by a rep!

A word has to go to the champ, Bernie Broderick. He has held the title for a year and put up a valiant effort in the 2016 Open. He does everything on a lack of sleep (he has probably let you know he doesn’t get much sleep). The champ is here, and over the next week let him know how much you have appreciated him as the Perpetua Champ of 2015. Unfortunately it looks as though his reign is over, but not for one more week!

See you all on April 1st, enjoy your Easter weekend!

Coach Conor

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