Friday Night Lights – Save the Date!

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It’s nearly that time of year again….

The time of year that gets us all a little too excited!

The time of year that PBs are hit by the bucket load!

The time of year that sees us partying hard on a Friday night….in the middle of the gym floor!


For those of you new to CrossFit let me explain a little about the Open. The Open is a 5 workout weekly series open to absolutely ANYONE AND EVERYONE OF ALL ABILITIES to sign up to and pit yourself against the rest of the entire CrossFit world. This year there’s an RX and a Scaled version so there’s no excuse not to get involved. It’s a chance to put your training to the test and compare yourself to last years results. But really its a chance to just enjoy the experience of the gym in full ‘Throwdown Party mode’ on a Friday night. An atmosphere and buzz thats guaranteed to secure people their first muscle up, clinch that elusive pull up, and bag that extra kilogram you’ve been chasing on your Oly lifts.

Last year we lay down a pretty decent marker with our Friday Night Lights…but that’s all they were…a marker. This year we’re aiming for bigger and better. Bigger numbers and better atmosphere. FNL is what you make it so start freeing up your diary from Friday, February 27th and the following 5 Friday nights. There will be a DJ and food and drink from various new sources! Competitions and promotions. Not to mention plenty of post workout plans and venues for us to quench our thirst and get stuck into.

Friday Night Lights and the Open truly are amazing evenings and one of our flagship community events throughout the year. Make sure you get involved and play your part in making this year a series to remember.

We’ll be releasing more details as the time draws closer. For now, all you need to do is clear the diary. Register for the Open….and start guessing at what you think the first workout will be….

Check out the video and register here at:

Any questions just ask your coach.

We can’t wait!


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