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Many thanks again for coming down and joining in on the fun that was Friday Night Lights. We had a few outfits help us out with products and prizes and we just wanted to send on some more info on them.

Eat Evolve

£20 off Paleo & Delicious Pre-Cooked Meal Delivery for CFSL Members


Who knew Paleo could taste so amazing? Eat Evolve provide a convenient solution for health conscious people, by preparing and delivering paleo-inspired meals to homes and offices. Fresh, pre-cooked and packaged to maintain optimum nutrition, recipients can fuel their body and their busy lifestyle, while excluding dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, and processed foods.

The founders of Eat Evolve are avid cross-fitters and they are eager to make your life a little easier. They worked alongside a team of top professionals and Michelin trained chefs to create a unique tasty meal delivery service using the highest quality ingredients so you can once again enjoy clean and natural meals while leading a busy city lifestyle.


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email for more information.

To claim £20 off your first order, enter CFSL at checkout on

Niall and Marcus @ Eat Evolve

Upcakes –  Healthy sweet treats free from wheat, dairy, sugar and eggs

Upcakes was born four years ago because I felt there was a gap in the market to provide for treats for healthy eaters who want to indulge occasionally.  I was in the process of cleaning up my diet and gave up dairy and sugar, which ruled out ‘normal’ treats. Sadly, plenty of  the ‘freefrom’ products on the market are made with cheap fillers such as maize, artificial sweeteners, and nasty preservatives, which I didn’t want to put in my body either. I wanted to eat goodies that could satisfy a sweet craving AND make me feel good.
From what started as a selfish need, I created a line of brownies, peanut butter cups and ‘sports bites’ that exclude the common allergens (wheat, dairy, sugar and eggs), but also use only the highest quality ingredients –  so that when you eat Upcakes, you’re effortlessly sticking to a clean diet. I don’t believe anyone should ever have to compromise between healthy and delicious.
Upcakes are also available to purchase at Harvey Nichols, The Natural Kitchen, Lomax, KX Gym, The Good Life Eatery and Grace Belgravia. Additionally, we also provide custom cakes and sweets for parties and events.
Jenna Zoe @ Upcakes
Naked Ape
Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 08.22.30
We are a family business run by two brothers, Mark and Peter Davis and started the company when we became frustrated as we were unable to find any paleo snacks here in the UK. We started the company a little over 2 years ago now and since then have gone from strength to strength.
What makes our products different is the combination of Biltong, dried fruit, nuts and seeds which give you a great balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Every pack is hand made in our custom built facility here in Yorkshire so we know that what we say is in our packs is actually in there.
You can find out packs in a number of gyms around the country, many of which are Crossfit Gyms, and also in a growing number of health food and supplement stores around the country as well as buying them directly from our website.
We were born from Crossfit so it really does form the heart of what we do, with Pete co-owning our local box, Crossfit HG3. We are both avid crossfitters and whilst we might never take the reigonals by storm we like to think we can hold our own! And we both hate Fran!!!!”
Mark @ Naked Ape
The Primal Kitchen
Range 2LoRes
Nutritionist and fellow CrossFitter I started in the food industry, working for Nestle (for my sins) selling chocolate out the back of the car, then moved on to innocent smoothies. I left behind the food industry to concentrate on 1:1 nutrition consultations seeing clients for weight loss, PCOS and digestive disorders mainly. It was then that I discovered the true benefits of a paleo lifestyle, seeing the transformations in my clients.
The Primal Kitchen really was born out of feedback from clients about bars I was making in my own kitchen. It was only last September that it all started, I was struggling to find clean healthy snacks for our daughter that I started to blend nuts and fruit.  Clients tried them and loved them.  Yes there are bars out there that are similar, but unfortunately the taste and texture is not up to par with what you could make at home (not to mention they are covered in refined vegetable oils).  By October I thought ‘lets do it’ and the feedback on the bars so far has been greater than I could have hoped for.
The Primal Kitchen bars are the UK’s first Paleo Energy Bar, there are similar on the market however many of these are over processed and covered in refined vegetable oils.  The feedback has been positive since launch, consumers love the texture (big chunky nut pieces) and the flavour, not to mention the size of the bars.
The bars are available at selected CrossFit Boxes throughout the UK and widely available on the internet.  Full cases including mixed cases are available via our website  – hopefully you will be able to get them at CrossFit South London 🙂
I started CrossFit 6 months ago at CrossFit Wycombe, with a bad ass coach Lance Burgener. “Love it” is an understatement!
Suzie @ The Primal Kitchen
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