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By Coach Rusty

It’s 6pm on a Friday night and I don’t know what to do with myself… Where are all the cheers, the sweat, the pumping beats and wild screaming? Seems something’s missing but what is it… And why do I have so much energy?

Oh… that’s right. The Open is over… Friday’s don’t seem the same!

If you have been a part of the Crossfit Open journey then I’m sure you will know how I feel. Every Friday for the past five weeks has been a celebration of fitness with body, mind and soul tested. PBs have been broken and new records achieved as each of the CFSL army stood up and gave their all.

Five weeks of challenges started with a bang, with over 60 CFSL members signed up to test their fitness against themselves on the world stage.

cfsl open

Week 1
“Snatches & Double Unders”
This short challenge showed us how potent a couplet could be and crowned a new legend of the CFSL box. Josh Butler, an international rowing champion and member for just 6 weeks at CFSL, stepped to the challenge and went nearly unbroken for the duration of the workout, placing 4th in Europe overall for the WOD.

Week 2
OHS & Chest to Bar Pull Ups
This WOD gave the entire box a lesson in pacing. Athletes struggled through trying any which way to connect their chest to the bar. The most impressive results came from the ladies of CFSL: Bri, Eva, Laura all putting up PBs in just lifting the weight of their OHS and most getting their first chest to bar pull ups EVER!!

Week 3
Deadlift & Box jumps
This was one for the stubborn. Who could put their bodies through this and still walk the next day? Rusty’s face says not him! Again the women stepped up and showed the lads how to pick up and put down heavy Sh#t with Kyla, Bri, Laura, Michelle and Leena all setting new records repping out heavy loads.

Week 4
“The Chipper”

Rowing, toes to bar, wallballs, power cleans, muscles up… now a WOD for the whole family, one that anyone could start, but could anyone finish? One would stand above the rest, again Josh Butler showed what an incredible engine he had completing 1 full round of all the above exercises and getting back on the rower. Not bad for someone who only learned muscle ups the week before the Open! Some excellent results across the board including a narrow victory for Popey doing his muscle ups in a WOD, taking down long-time friend and fellow athlete Richard Holmes.

Week 5
The Finale – thrusters and burpees anyone??

The final workout was not a shock to see what movements came out, but the format and duration were surprising.
21,18,15,12,9,6,3 thruster and bar-facing burpee combo would go down in history for most as the “toughest WOD ever”.

This was the first open WOD that was task-oriented, meaning you just had to complete the work as fast as possible.
This tested everyone’s will to survive with athletes crawling as they peeled themselves off the floor to jump over the barbell one more time.

Some very impressive results from all CFSL athletes during this WOD including a passionate finish by Jack Mason and our own “Danny Broflex” Chris Warwick digging deep to empty everything they had into this WOD.

Ladies Laura Bartlett showed how strong her engine really was placing first and newcomer Patsy Heffernan stepped up showing her capacity to use range of motion and strength for an impressive second.

The guys showed courage to finish this one. Josh again showed his impressive willpower to go unbroken for the entire workout claiming another first. This such coach Rusty found how much burpees really suck and just like Sam Briggs was run down for a steady second.

Consistent performer for the entire open saw Niall Colleran take a very well deserved third place in this WOD and showed true skill throughout the whole 5 weeks to consistently place in the top of the leader board.


Spirit of the Open

This award chosen by Crossfitters is for Crossfitters. Whether it be at the local FNL throwdown or on the big stage at the world Crossfit Games, this is the most humbling and deserved award for whoever receives it. This award is given to the person(s) who demonstrate what it means to be a part of the community. Often found still encouraging others after completing their WOD or doing seemingly impossible  feats, or judging each and every heat other than their own. The people that received this award need not be chosen they emerge themselves and are recognisable by all in the community.

This years spirit of the open award went to the unmistakeable Jason Zawadzki “JAY-Z” and joint winners Eva Boursier & Briony Garbett.

The Coaches and Owners of Crossfit South London want to thank ALL who participated and observed the CrossFit Open “Friday Night Lights”. It really showed how strong we are as a box and how connected we are as a community.
With more competitions, events, WODs and a bigger space coming soon the future is very bright for CFSL and this little Power House of Fitness is only going to get bigger and better with the members we have to support it.

Thank you and thanks also goes to our sponsors of Friday Night Lights:

Vita Coco
Primal Kitchen
and Corey and Gareth, our amazingly passionate DJs

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