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Crossfit has without doubt had a successful start as a business in the UK. With unprecedented growth rates in the US and now a box popping up in every borough in London it’s fair to say that Crossfit has some unique selling points and several aspects that make it a very appealing programme to get involved in. The one aspect that I want to talk about right now is the community.

The community in a Crossfit gym is vastly different to that in a traditional Globo style organisation. The two different cultures aren’t even comparable. Crossfit revolves around a class based model where 99% of the gym are working off the same programme and this culture of shared experience puts us at a huge advantage when it comes to creating a special environment in the gym.

Every box goes about this very differently and I’d go as far to say that the communities we see in boxes here are different to the ones we see in the US, or Scandinavia as the cultures already in place there outside of the gym impact those communities within it. For example, we see a little less whoops, hollas and chest bumps over here than we do in 5th Av or Invictus. That being said, the CrossFit communities share some major themes that should run through the heart of each and every box worldwide. The two that standout for me are as follows:

1. A ‘celebrate achievements‘ philosophy. Whether it’s yours, your partners or a complete stranger. Ring the bell and enjoy the success. There’s competition sure, but when all is said and done we’re chasing our own PBs and happy to be able to cheer on the guy or girl next to us as they hit theirs.

2. A ‘problems at the door‘ mentality. Once you enter the box and start class your focus becomes on improving yourself and supporting your classmates. Concentrating on what you can do instead of what you can’t. The time for offloading and ranting is over. This isn’t the place.

Celebrate success and support each other. Seems simple, but there aren’t too many environments around that harbour the same central themes. A place that fosters success and views each and everyone’s achievements as equal. No office politics and no rat-race drama. It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep it that way, and it’s a responsibility we all gladly accept.

I write this blog as we are lucky enough to see plenty of new faces at Perpetua each week and my message is simple. When it comes to the CrossFit community here, you get out what you put in. October is the perfect month to send this message. We have an event every weekend finishing with arguably the biggest one of them all. The Halloween Party on the 31st where we kick things off with a WOD at 6.30 (comic book theme). After a brutal workout run in both rooms has set us on our way, we’ll drink, dance and party into the Saturday with the help of the DJ and some suspect looking alcohol.

So…embrace the no-headphones, no-machines, no bull-shit environment. Use the resources around you. Support each other, celebrate successes, high five, whoop and chest bump if absolutely necessary. The gym is built on an ‘anything is possible’ mindset, and is full of like-minded people. It’s what makes it such a positive place to step into. So feed off it and add to it. I guarantee your experience and even your performance will be enhanced beyond measure.


By Coach Ozzie

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