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This has nothing to do with this post. It's just adorable.

This has nothing to do with this post. It’s just adorable.

By Coach Maria

I’m a bit of a nerd. And, as I’m sure those of you who have been in my classes have noticed, I have a tendency to geek out on CrossFit stuff. Whether it’s the best mobility drill (or the reasons why we do it), the most effective gymnastics progression, or a quality article on nutrition, technique, or coaching and programming, I love to get my hands on as much information as I can and share my knowledge with as many people as possible. It’s what makes me happy and one of the many reasons why I became a CrossFit coach. What makes CrossFit so unique and so much the antithesis of any other fitness program is its focus on education, availability of information and the on-going evolution of techniques and approach.

Don’t think that because you’re not a coach, you can’t seek out this information as well! Knowing these things will only help you in your development as both a CrossFitter and a healthy human being.

To help you start your journey in to the land of the knowledge bombs, I have listed below some of my favourite websites….

Barbell Shrugged
An excellent series of podcasts that has featured the best coaches in oly lifting, CrossFit and powerlifting, top CrossFit athletes, and sports medicine professionals. Just as hilarious as they are informative!

Breaking Muscle
I knew about Breaking Muscle for a while, but started looking at it more frequently after I injured myself and needed to focus more on my gymnastics. Breaking Muscle has loads of great articles for coaches and athletes alike, as well as excellent ideas for gymnastics and strength and conditioning programming.

Nom Nom Paleo
Was there ever a doubt that this would be on my list?? A foodie’s dream come true.

If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say that they can’t do a movement because of their mobility…. Guess what guys? Time to fix it! MobilityWOD is an excellent resource for finding ways to start working through your mobility issues. I like to do the MobilityRX as often as possible (you might even see it creep in to my Active Recovery class on Sundays). Yes you do have to pay for a subscription, but the information you get is priceless.

Juggernaut Training Systems
Another great source of articles and information from a host of contributors. I don’t necessarily agree with every article posted, but sometimes it’s the articles that you don’t agree with that get you thinking more and encourage you seek out even more information.

CrossFit Journal
The CrossFit Journal. Read it.

TED Talks
Because sometimes information applicable to CrossFit is not always about your physical strength, but also your mental strength… What was the last TED Talk you watched? Have you seen Sheryl Sandberg’s talk, ‘Why we have too few women leaders’? Or what about John Wooden’s ‘The Difference between winning and succeeding’ whose simplicity and eloquence takes my breath away every time I watch it?

There is a shedload of information out there and ready for the taking. Go out and get it.


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