Get to know your coach better – Coach Eoghan finds out more about Coach Conor

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Right here it goes 🙂

Where are you from?
Derry, I think most people should know that by now 🙂

Middle name?

When did you start CrossFit?
June 2014 when I finished my career in Modern Pentathlon

Favourite workout?
15.1 from the Open. I love something with toes to bar, love burpees as well.

Least favourite workout?
Anything with Rowing, mainly 15.5 from the Open.

How often do you train?
6 days per week, 2 sessions 4 days per week. Have always trained from a young age so the amount of volume is something I’ve been used to.

What do you eat?
Bunsen. I’m a regular, they know my order before I say anything. When I’m very busy I go to Gourmet Fuel for some help, other than that I try cook some high calorie meals as I try to gain weight.

Favourite cheat meal?
Doughnuts. Scones. 3fe. Bunsen. Love a pizza too.



Everything not on Dave Price’s spotify

TV show?

Favourite food?
Bunsen – double cheeseburger. My girlfriend Kate makes a great lasagne but I’m pretty good as well when I want to be!

Best memory in CrossFit Perpetua?
There’s been a lot but I loved the 2015 Open, friday nights with 80 odd people in the gym, music, food and everyone giving their all.

Main goal outside CrossFit?
I’m doing my Masters in Strength & Conditioning, I hope that I can keep improving as a coach and help both top athletes and those just looking to get fit and healthy.

What do you feel most proud of?
This is a weird one. In the cheesy way, I’m proud of my girlfriend Kate and how hard she works at her sport to try to get to Rio 2016. I’m proud of all of my family, I come from a hard working family that have all achieved a lot.

First thing you think about when you get up?
I’m coming for you McGregor.

Last thing you think about before bed?
Eoghan McGregor.

Nicest thing a member has done for you?
Bought me my go to macchiato and scone from 3fe. Jess made me protein pancakes before and Naomi made me overnight oats. I guess food keeps me happy.

What advice would you offer to people doing CrossFit?
Enjoy it and don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy working out with your mates, pushing yourself and the process of improving.

How do you motivate yourself to train?
Think to myself, what is McGregor doing. Then text him how I’m going to beat him.

If you could open a box anywhere, where and why?
It would be cool to have one in my hometown Derry but CrossFit Derry is already a great place. Hopefully someday Perpetua will have a pool so we can use swimming for recovery with the odd pool WOD and I can bring back my roots 🙂

Free time, what do you do? – Attempt to study!
When I get real free time though I try to spend it with my girlfriend Kate and just relax. You can also find me in Bunsen on a Saturday night.

Single or hooked up, why?
Hooked up, not sure how or why but somehow she took a liking to me. I guess I’m a funny guy, or just really good looking? Maybe it’s my thinning hair.

How would anyone in the gym describe you?

What annoys you the most in the gym?
When nobody understands me. Daily 🙁

What was the last thing you bought outside the gym?
I don’t buy things, I enter competitions and win them for free. Like my car. Did I ever tell you I won a car?

Tell us one funny story about you, it can be anything from anytime:
As I said I try to see my girlfriend in my free time. We don’t get many ‘date nights’ so last week we went to the cinema (I did pay 😉 ) but turned out there were no seats together and we had to sit in a different row. I got the popcorn, she got the sweets. I like sweets 🙁

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