Get to know your coach a bit better – Coach Conor finds out more about Coach Eoghan

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Here it goes…

Where are you from?

Galway, moved up to Dublin 5 years ago, have I got that D4 accent yet?

Middle name?

Champ (Big Dog)

When did you start CF?

3 and half years ago, I just started going to a normal gym before that but I’ve got a competitive element to myself and when I heard about CrossFit, I had to give it a go.

Favourite workout?

Anything around 4-6mins long and if theres a max lift, I like that!

Least favourite workout?

Anything long, I wouldn’t be known for my ‘Engine’ but I’m working on it!

How often do you train?

Twice a day 5 or 6 days a week, early morning and after work in the evening

I’ve no life

What do you eat?

Same thing Monday to Friday and then the weekend, I try to eat the same but have a cheat meal Saturday night

Morning – oats with eggs

Lunch – Mince, sweet potato and spinach

Afternoon – buckwheat and chicken

Pre workout – chicken and quinoa

Post workout – chicken and rice

Before bed – Yogurt and casein

Have you ever cooked your own food?

Haha yes I have but the Boss aka Jess likes to be in control so she looks after that! I’m very lucky!!

Favourite cheat meal?

There has to be chips anyway, I like Aussie BBQ and then loads of chocolate! In any order possible!


Anything on my playlist and I know I play the best music in the gym 😉 Check it out on Spotify

TV show?

Home and away – what a show! I watch it every night!

Also most shows on the Discovery channel like Gold Rush, Auction Hunters and many more

You introduced us to WOD Holidays last year, tell us a bit about it and any plans for 2016.

WOD Holidays is travel for the new generation.

It is a company designed to offer holiday packages to fitness enthusiasts. At WOD Holidays, the target audience are primarily CrossFit participants & their partners. The fitness sector is a fast growing emerging space & WOD Holidays provides the platform for both everyday and competitive athletes to maintain and improve their fitness while on holidays. The packages are designed by CrossFitters for CrossFitters and are inclusive of accommodation with breakfast, airport and gym transfers, high-level coaching & additional activities, not to mention the camaraderie that comes with bringing a group of like-minded people together.

This year I have two locations that offer 5 or 6 day packages. My goal is to bring people from the community in the UK and Ireland together for an amazing week. I feel 2016 is going to be a big year for the business and I look forward to welcoming CFP members on the trips in the future.

Go check it out –

What do you feel most proud of?

Without getting too emotional 😛 I am proud of the regulars in the 6am class, I’ve been coaching them for quite a while now and to see the way they move in every workout, the PBs they hit, the way they can’t handle their drink and ability to make everything a competition. I am proud of their improvements and they will keep getting better every day!

First thing you think about when you get up?

Why do I take the 6am class everyday 🙂 And then what am I training so I can bring all the right gear

Last thing you think about before bed?

What am I training the next day and why I do I take the 6am class

Nicest thing a member has done for you?

I went down to a competition in Tipperary with an amazing bunch of people last year – It was their first competition and they all smashed it! We had a great day and everyone got through all the workouts. We had our own little corner in the gym which every person used so we were all there shouting together. I got a really nice gift and a bottle of hairspray – Perfect. Thanks to Lynn, Jayne, Anastasia, Sara, Kathleen, Ryan and Garry!

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