Our vision is to take the world of fitness from the group exercise, or “discount training” model, to a system that focuses on providing a service that will get you fit for life.

Perpetua is a dedicated, world-class hybrid gym. We have managed to put under one roof the most effective and popular training methods around to create an experience for everyone of all abilities and ages to enhance and educate them selves to become functionally fit for Life. Our professional fitness coaches will train and educate in our prescription for a great life.

What distinguishes us from many other physical training facilities today is our fundamentals program. During the fundamentals program, you will work with a personal coach, as opposed to just throwing you into Group Exercise classes. Crucially, during the fundamentals program, you will develop a relationship with a personal coach who will constantly work with you to help you reach your fitness goals.

We have spent 10 years learning about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of getting people fit, and perhaps more importantly, we have learned what works in order to keep people motivated and injury-free so they can stay fit for life.