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Generally we only seek help when we have a problem otherwise, why would we pay for advice? This is the general attitude right? We service and MOT our cars regularly (by law in fact) but what about our precious bodies? When we have an injury or pain we automatically go to the locally recommended therapist, osteo, physio or even your GP to find out what the injury or pain is, since they are clinically trained and understand how to ‘treat’ the site of pain or injury. Commonly they will then advise you what to do, maybe give you some kind of manual therapy treatment to improve the symptoms at the site of the problem to reduce the effects of the injury and generally try to make you more comfortable.

Yet there are many more cases of ‘low grade’ aches, pains and niggles that are insidious and do not fit into this category. The low grade insidious aches and pains we experience in our daily lifestyles are NOT really ‘injuries’ as they don’t always fit into this category of pathological or clinical changes. However this leaves many professionals with a subjective view of where injury has come from; for example. one cause could be from sitting at a desk all day. However, there are many people who sit at a desk all day without problems, so if it were simply the act of sitting at a desk, would we not all experience exactly the same low grade aches and pains? So while I agree that the act of sitting at a desk can contribute, ultimately its the individuals intrinsic biomechanics (part of which is the neuro-musculoskeletal system) that compensates for being static when we are designed to move, maybe like hunter gatherers. This can then cause the body to ‘grumble’ at the fact we have just been sitting and not using those hip muscles for 8 hrs giving us muscle spasm which tethers nerves and stiffens joints or any variation of those dysfunctions. These issues may initiate without pain but over time become more uncomfortable.

I am currently running a clinic where I will run free 20 minute sessions to do a full body assessment, BioMechanical Screening and can provide you with some tips to make improvements depending on my findings. To book in you can email me at:
The time slots for these sessions will be after class on Monday’s at 7pm and Wednesdays at 1.30pm.

I look forward to meeting you all and helping to improve your movement.

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