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After a morning’s class, I asked someone “mate, is it just me or did my class seem really lethargic this morning, more than usual for a morning class?” “Yes, very” he replied, he continued “however, so were my 6am crossFit!”, “hmmm must be a Thursday morning thing” I concluded.

Whilst frantically trying to get the CF Foundations script finished to present later that day, I couldn’t help but think back to the morning classes and how it took everyone so long to get going.

I’d like to talk to you today about pre workout mental preparation. Something I believe many people take for granted.

In the past year I decided to try my hand at a couple of other professions to run alongside Coaching. First, I became a London Cycle Courier, checking in at 9am and signing off at 5pm, coaching/teaching/training clients in the morning or evening either side. Did I stop training? Hell no, I was training for the CF Games Europe Regionals god dam it! Therefore I was forces to find the time train, much like you 9-5’s guys do. Yes, I was in at 6am some days, catching up on strength or METCONs at 8:30pm on others. Now you can bet your bottom dollar that I wasn’t always in the mood to train, but the work still had to be done, I had specific goals therefore I had to find a place within my psyche that would allow me to put enough into the session to take away at least some gains, whether psychological or physiological.

Contrary to what you might think, this doesn’t necessarily mean listening to death metal and “psyching yourself up” on your way to the gym. You have to be honest with yourself, identify what mood are you’re in then play it from there.

1) If you’re in a good mood and good to go no matter what the WOD.

Stay positive, have fun and give it 100%! If there is some skill element in the class that you can’t quite get then try your best to understand it and come back to it another day, don’t let it take away your positive energy. Tear the WOD a new one and throw around some “high 5’s” and look forward to your next meal! (All i think about after a workout)

2) You’re in a good mood but you messed up your nutrition during the day and don’t feel 100%, you’re lacking the oomf that high intensity functional movement requires.

Again, stay positive, if you’re working towards specific goals, grab yourself a piece of fruit or some baby food and get your butt down the gym but when you’re there, you’re focussing on your technique and understanding movement rather than being a meathead. However, if you haven’t got specific goals or you know you won’t be able to commit 100%, mentally, training can wait until later in the day or tomorrow, giving you time to rest and fuel up, smash it next time.

3) You’re in a bad mood or stressed out from a day’s work.

Take yourself out for an 800m sprint, a 1000m row or do 50 wall balls. If that doesn’t blow smoke up your butt, nothing will, don’t waste your time, go home. However if that does give you the kick up butt you need, (which we hope it would) then get your head down and forget about all your troubles for 60minutes and give 100%, mentally and physically. You’ll feel much better after!

4) It’s 6am on Thursday morning and you haven’t had a coffee yet, you’re tired.

Get your butt out the door or on the rower and GET IN THE ZONE! Lethargy is infectious, if you stroll around the class like a zombie, the person next to you is likely to do the same. Be that person who IS full of beans from min 0 to min 60, then get around the other members of the class and help them “get in the zone” too! We’re a community, work together to achieve your individual goals.

I remember my PTI from Royal Marine Training very well and I distinctly remember the quieter he was, the more lethargic we were and what lay ahead didn’t bare thinking about! So, if we (The Coaches) turn into robots and don’t say much, it’s time to get a shift on or things are going to get nasty! In a fun way of course! 😉

Have a good day!

This article has been taken from Tom’s blog which you can check out here www.conditioned2live.com

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