Give a warm welcome to Mario, CFSL's newest Apprentice

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unnamed-1Some of you may know me already and some of you may not, but might have seen me pacing the box curiously watching Coach Rusty’s every move whilst taking notes, asking the odd question and getting a front view seat on CFSL’s amazing programming in full flight. What this all means is that my time as an Apprentice at the best box in London has begun.

Who am I and how did I come to be in this position?

I grew up in South Africa (with a name like Mario da Costa Henriques I expected you all to know this 🙂 ) always being involved in various sports in one way or another… growing up in that kind of weather meant that being indoors wasn’t even a consideration! My education in CrossFit began in 2010 when my manager at the time (a newbie to CrossFit) managed to mention it in a work meeting.  I remember the day like it was yesterday, “Have any of you heard about CrossFit?” he asked. Wide-eyed and curious he followed it with, “It’s a form of weight-lifting and everything else that makes you so strong and fit.” We were all still unsure, but wanted to know what it was that made him so eager, so he then did what all good CrossFitters do; out came the laptop, on went YouTube and the meeting took a back seat.

At the time I was “strong” and never skipped a week without the usual Back and Bi’s, Chest and Tri’s , Legs and Arms. Yes, Biceps got a double and Supersets were my friend! We have all been there and I was tired of it. I completed a Diploma in Personal Training but my research lead
me to the CrossFit Level 1 Cert (only the 2nd one ever in South Africa) which is where it all began, although it was not until my first actual class at CFSL that I really began to understand what it was all about or how deep the rabbit hole actually was…

Months have gone by since that day and I’m now in the fortunate position that my apprenticeship has begun. Over the next few months you will see me shadowing Rusty and the coaches, taking notes and helping out where I can. I am extremely excited to learn from the best and look forward to joining the team. Over the duration of my apprenticeship, I will also be posting various blogs to let you all know what I learn and see.

 I look forward to meeting all of you and assisting in making you better athletes.


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  • Jackie

    Well donr mario…. all the best. Ur mom and dad must be proud

  • elsabe

    well done boytjie !!

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