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After spending a lot of time trying to understand why reaching certain goals, I had set, seemed so hard and time consuming, I was fortunate enough to attend a course that really shed light on this topic. The aim today is to hopefully share this info with you, we will not be setting any goals but if you can better understand the reasoning behind why we fail at achieving these goals, we can work towards correcting the faults.

Without getting into to much detail, firstly, what we need to understand is that the lives we live have become extremely fast paced and purpose driven. This is perfectly normal as the desire/ pressure to be successful (whatever that may mean for each of you is completely individual) has become more intense then ever. Secondly, what we need to know about our lives, is that all these things and everything we do, is prioritised and ordered in ranking of importance. Now this is one of the most important things to remember as it plays a huge role in the reasoning behind why we fail to achieve certain goals.

So why is this so important to know? It is important to know because of the way, we as humans, channel our energy on a daily basis. The first two priorities can be described as the things we live and breathe for, the things we immediately think of upon waking. These priorities require no motivation what so ever, in fact more often than not, they rule our lives. So where does this leave everything else you may ask? Pretty simple, it leaves us requiring some form of motivation or help in order to do them. Now this does not mean they’re not recognised as things we know we need, it just means that if given the choice you’d rather do the things you live and breathe for.

For most of us, health and fitness fall into these categories, which is the reason for this blog post and that’s not to be seen as a problem. All we need to recognise is that it’s not on top of the priority list. Once we know that, the magic starts to happen. Now we can set on a quest to find an option that makes doing this task as fun and seamless as possible. Let’s dig a little deeper into a topic that’s quite common. It’s a sub topic of Heath and fitness and often leaves us failing to reach our goals. MOBILITY!!! How often do we here about the benefits of being mobile and how many times do we promise to start mobilising at home or where ever we go. Now this is only one of, an endless amount of goals people set themselves, but the reality is that I’ve never met a person who has being mobile as one of their tops two priorities.

So what does this mean and what do you need to do from here? It’s simple, the first step is to realise that whatever it is, it is not what you live an breathe for (and that’s totally okay and you just need to know that). So the next step is to find the most successful way of being able to reach this goal. This step may require a lot of trial and error, but what you’re looking for is something that requires you to spend the least amount of energy and motivation to get started. That doesn’t mean you need to lack energy and be demotivated, but what it means is that you have as little responsibility as possible. Take CrossFit for example, despite being an amazing training program, one of the single most successful things about it, is that all you need to do is walk through the door. No thinking about what you’re going to do, no responsibility for bringing anything and you have other people who bring the motivation.

So back to mobility and how we solve that issue, try RomWOD, if that isn’t successful, we try a yoga class and if that’s to intense we try mobilise me and so on and so forth. Finding the right option may take many attempts at various things, but also may not. Knowing that there is no rush is equally as important. Remember, what you’re looking for is a lasting change and not a quick fix. So understand that it’s okay to require help for things that you know are important but not necessarily what you live and breathe for. Secondly understand that you need to get that help in some shape or form, so go and find something that works for you. Understanding this is one of the most important things you can do, not only will it offload the stress of having to do these things but it will also allow you to channel all your extra energy on the things you really want to be doing!

Find out the order of your priorities and channel your energy accordingly, for everything else, there’s people to help/do the job.

Coach Mario

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