Good to Great: A Coach's Journey to Making the Good, Great

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What makes a coach great?

As coaches, we understand what it takes to correct movement, to see, to improve and to create changes. Sometimes we can make a big change to your movement, sometimes the smallest of cues can work and fundamentally change the movement for you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or injured athlete – everyone needs to be coached.

But is that all coaching is? Counting reps and telling you to keep your elbows up?

We aren’t Cheerleaders and we aren’t Judges, we are experts in Coaching Strength & Conditioning.

What is the first thing you learn when you have your CrossFit Perpetua Intro? You ‘Train & Practise’ skills. CrossFit is a journey in which you learn a wide range of movements based on modality: Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Monostructual.

And like those skills you train, Coaching is also a skill that should be trained. The biggest thing we can offer as coaches is knowledge. Knowledge makes us experts. I value my job as a Coach and I’m proud to be a CrossFit Perpetua Coach, I also value the knowledge I am able to offer my clients.

I recently attended the CrossFit Level 2 Coaches Prep Course, a further distinction in the CrossFit qualification. The qualification is tier 2 from the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course. A weekend of coaching from some of the most advanced CrossFit Coaches from the CrossFit Coach Seminar Staff Team. 

The ability to receive feedback and support from these coaches was a fantastic experience. The course focused on understanding the areas to improve on, and encouraged working on constantly challenging yourself as a Coach.

But for me, there is much more to coaching. I’m here to support your journey in life, to improve how you move and fundamentally to improve your life.

I will continue to perfect my skill of coaching as much as I would approach any CrossFit movement; with passion, dedication, drive, enthusiasm and hard work.


Coach Gemma

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