Gymnastics Workshop THIS Saturday!

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gymnastics workshop

CrossFit is all about moving barbells and getting PRs in squats & weightlifting, right? Sometimes it can seem that way and while PRs in weightlifting are great, getting that elusive pull up or muscle up is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment. After the first it is all about getting the next, and building towards 5reps etc. Then comes kipping pull ups, stringing them together in workouts, it can be a thing of beauty or just look like a dead fish flapping around on the bar.

So, do you want to be a thing of beauty on the bar, or the dead fish flapping around?

Coaches Jamie & Conor will help you to improve your kipping swing, stop you being that dead fish, stop that leg swing and learn how to initiate the kip correctly. This will build on to toes to bar and kipping pull ups. For those looking for that bit extra it will progress to the muscle up swing.

Do you want to be better at workouts? Do you want to be able to jump on the bar and knock out toes to bar without having to curl up into a ball? Join us this Saturday, 21st May 9-11am.

Coaches Conor and Jamie

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