Gymnastics workshop

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Gymnastics Workshop tomorrow @ 12.30 in CFD Blackrock
Gymnastics is one of the key aspects of CrossFit. So we should be working on improving these skills everyday. A great way to incorporate gymnastics in your everyday workout is by involving these skills in your warm up or in your rest period in between sets.  The only way to improve your gymnastic ability is by practicing them as much as possible and getting your body used to them. If you never practice handstand holds then you can never expect to walk on your hands!

The workshop will involve the following:

Push ups –  Technique & strength building drills

Pull ups – (Minimum requirements: 3-5 strict Pull ups)

Hollow rock (ground and bar)


Butterfly (Minimum requirements – 15 unbroken kipping Pull ups)

Handstands/ Handstand holds (Minimum requirements – Nose-to-wall wallclimb/nose-to-wall handstand hold)

Free standing drills

-Handstand push ups (strict and kipping)

-Forward/ backward rolls


Muscle ups (Minimum requirements: 15 Pull ups & 15 Ring dips)

-Ring Muscle up

-Bar Muscle up

-Ring dips (kipping)

Spaces are limited for this workshop so please make sure to sign up for it as soon as possible, you can sign up for this through Zen Planner. Please only sign up for this if you hit all the minimum requirements for the pull ups and handstands – otherwise you will not get as much out of the workshop. If you do not have enough strength for these moves then there is no point in trying to learn them, talk to a CFD coach to show how to get to these if you don’t meet the requirements. So please pass on this workshop this time until we have the strength to achieve these requirements – get working on it in Custom Goals!

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